Thursday, September 13, 2012

Swatch: Revlon Get Reddy

Today you get a swatch! This is one of the first polishes I ever bought and therefore it is a very old bottle. I have noticed it's started getting a little thick (I really REALLY need to invest in some nail polish thinner) but otherwise it was okay. Part of this post is going to be what I remember when I used to wear it.

Revlon Get Reddy is a darker than cherry shade of red with a golden shimmer. It's not quite dark enough to be vampy but is darker than a shade like Julep January (for example).

It's very quick dry and opaque in one coat, but there's more depth with two. Unfortunately, this polish looks best with a shiny topcoat to bring out the gold shimmer =)

As usual, this is the base for something exciting.... ;) Stay tuned (and what do you think?)

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