Wednesday, September 12, 2012

WingDustCollections Received and Under the Sea!

I can't usually afford Indie polish, and more importantly they don't usually ship all the way up here to cold, dark Canadia-land but when Ashley from One Nail to Another mentioned her (and I checked her out) I immediately bought into her pick 5 mini polish deal. And today I received my minis!

Look at the adorable packaging!

The butterfly tape is killing meee <3
I chose Boogie Wonderland, a super sparkly blue/purple mix, Crocodile Farm, a green glitter in a shimmer base (on par with Rainbow Honey in my opinion!), Under the Sea, Fly Me To The Moon, Sharp Tooth and because she's so bloody sweet, she threw in Midnight Madness too! ALL of these are incredibly squee-worthy! I'M SORRY FOR THE BAD PICTURE THERE.

So after painting my nails with Essence Choose Me! I stared at these beauties trying to figure out what would go best. Under the Sea drew me, and it was one of the first I knew I wanted when I was looking through Stephanie's products <3

I started with an accent nail....

And then fired the glitter bomb!

 I LOVE the big and little black hexes, I think they are a FANTASTIC addition that makes this polish different from the other blue glitters. There's also some silver hexes (and the aforementioned blues) and some of the bigger ones are MATTE (!!) with dark blue matte in there as well. I did a little bit of dabbing to get the brush to part with those bigger ones, but coverage was even, everything laid flat and I am extreeeemely pleased.

With the Choose Me underwear, it is just a sparkly shiny overload. I'm going to have to try Under the Sea again on a polish that won't overwhelm it but I am SUPER happy with this mermaid-y combination ^^ What do you think?
Much better in better light =)

After these, I added one more coat and went outside to get some GOOD pics...

What do you think? Go show Stephanie some love!
  1. via Etsy
  2. via her brand new Blogger


  1. Hey! This looks wonderful on you and thanks for sharing this with me!!! I'm so relieved you like them :D !!

    1. I can't believe you even worry! I loooooove them =D

  2. Looks great! I also live in cold dark Canadia-land, and hate that so many indies don't ship up here!

    1. You definitely have to get your hands on some of these! The shipping isn't that much and if you like her on facebook you can see if she's got a discount code running which will basically pay for the shipping anyway =D

      Oh! Also thanks so much haha

  3. I LOVEEEEEE WingDustCollections, I actually have a post I did reviewing some of her polishes :) I really like this combo!

    1. Thanks so much! I initially thought I overwhelmed the WDC but in the sun it SHONE!


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