Sunday, September 23, 2012

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Celestia

Guys, this one is BEAUTIFUL. If you're going to get ONE Rainbow Honey, get this.

So trying to decide on a colour today I knew I was in the mood for a nice light blue. The first thing I tried was Sinful Colors Cinderella, from my haul post. I decided I was over it. It was too sheer to wear on its own, and it was not sheer enough to be a top layer for another polish. I would NEED to do it with a light blue underneath and that's just not cool. I did five layers before I got fed up and wiped it off. SO, if anybody wants Sinful Colors Cinderella, gimme a shout! I don't know any princesses who would like it anymore (thank god - no offense to nice princesses).

ANYWAY, I still wanted light blue so I dipped into my Rainbow Honey, which I expect to layer. Starting with three coats of Essence You Belong To Me, I did two coats of Rainbow Honey Celestia, an ethereal mix of glitter that appears clear but flashes the cool colours of the rainbow with light blue being the main base colour. I'm definitely going to try to layer it on different colours to see what the effects really are but for now, we're playing it safe =)

TLDR; This is two coats over three coats of Essence You Belong To Me:

 I could see a bit of a difference in spots on my nails where the Celestia landed, so I added one more coat for good measure. You can never have too much of a good thing!

 I am completely in love!

EVEN MORE SO in the sun =D
More colour accurate!

Yay blue!
 It looks like clear water (even though I'm sure I've never seen water like this).
It was just so bright and dreamy <3

The sparkle doesn't show up well in the pictures
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You can buy Rainbow Honey here and like the Facebook page for swatches and sometimes even coupons ;)

And on another positive note, oven-made s'mores! =D Life is awesome.