Monday, September 24, 2012

De Dutch De-Lish

I finally get to write about food again! I've been trying to save money lately, so I haven't had the opportunity to go out but after this I've got one more meal budgeted for next weekend =).

For now, I'm going to talk briefly about one of my favourite places to eat breakfast food! I say breakfast food because I am a firm believer in bacon being an anytime kind of food. ;) Can't beat the bacon.

Unless you're at De Dutch and get the Pannekoeken.

Here's the trick with De Dutch. You've gotta go with someone. Obviously, I go with my man, and we order a breakfast platter and a Pannekoek. This way, we get our healthy balanced breakfast and a sweet unique treat =D

For about $15 a person, we get what you see here...
 One full piece of buttered toast (whole wheat or white bread), hash browns, and a salad (green or fruit). On the right there is the most delicious thing ever - Chocolate Strawberry Whip Pannekoek. We'll get to that =)

That left side looks a little sparse doesn't it? That's because the toast is covering the coup de grace ;)
Two enormous pieces of bacon!
 BACONBACONBACONBACON... And under the hash browns: eggs!
1 piece toast, 2 pieces bacon, 1 egg, hash browns, salad =D
 Now for the best part. The first thing you do is make a huuuge mess =D
And then you nom it!
=D Between the two of us, we spend about $30 and though this meal feels deceptively light but is EXTREMELY filling. So there you have it! Don't be deterred when people tell you it's too expensive, just take a buddy ;)

In other news, it was Branden's mom's birthday yesterday, and we made brownies!

Branden's mad baker decorating skills =D So cute. I'll give you a moment to squee <3
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Have a great day =D

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