Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Swatch: Julep Jodie and Piper Polish

Julep Jodie is classic Julep formula. Two coats, dries quick and shiny and gorgeous colour. It's kind of a dusky autumnal red with shimmer. I wanna apologize for the mess, I did this real quick (it's past my bedtime).

So to make things more interesting, I decided it was time to try the Spectraflair topcoat from Piper Polish. I am incredibly glad I found this because that flame is amazing. Take a look =D
In direct bright light

In direct bright light again

Ditto above
Out of direct bright light
It dried nicely, SO SMOOTH and stunk like a motherf***er. I am ready to try this outside and wait for the compliments =D

As usual, click here for Julep and use the code PENNY for a one cent intro box after you do the quiz.

And Piper Polish is on Etsy with a lot of holographic polish =D

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