Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Swatch: Color Club Magnetic Force Electro-Midnight

Hi! When I first heard about magnetic polish, I was in Ulta and say the Laylas for $15.50USD! It was REALLY cool, but there was nooo way I was gonna spend $16! And then I saw Color Club on A Girl And Her Polish and I started my hunt! On a trip down to the states, I found them in Hot Topic just like she said =D

I bought it because Katee just makes it look so good! When I tried it I realized I had actually been hoping for a more teal colour which I wasn't going to get in this one. HOWEVER, for $7, I couldn't regret it <3

This is my second attempt at using this polish. I put down one coat on each nail and then, one nail at a time, I put down a nice thick coat and held the magnet as close as I could get it. On thicker attempts, I saw the polish even reaching up to try and mess itself up on that magnet! Bah xD I was careful though, and it didn't happen. By the time I got to the pinky on the first hand, I had it down.

  1. Hold the magnet really close and really still.
  2. Hold for a long time.
That's it! Here's the pictures!

This is the first layer. I tried to magnetize on the index finger but you can see it doesn't work too well =)

This is after I figured it out on the pinky and went back
 I used 2 - 3 coats depending on how strong I managed to get the stripes.

 And then I did the other hand.
I hate when my off hand turns out better!
 GAH the depth of those stripes!

=D Sorry for the messy cuticles. I love it! And this is one of the most affordable magnetics so I'm glad I picked it up. As you can see, the magnet I have is waves but I really wish I could get a set with that fishnet pattern that nails Inc has =P

Last comments: This dried super quick but stains like mad! Wear basecoat =D

What do you think?