Friday, August 3, 2012

WarPaint Black Light polish, colour blocking and a Golden Rose glitter

Well the title gives you high hopes, doesn't it?

Starting with swatches:

WarPaint A Mile Away
 Alright, we'll talk about A Mile Away first. This is your generic highlighter yellow in the bottle and looks like it's going to be fantastic on the fingers. Now, while it's definitely eye-catching (my camera didn't quite get how much like a highlighter this looks), it's also very very thin. This is unfortunately about 6 coats, and I still see bald spots. The brushes in WarPaints are awesome, and application was easy and the polish did try VERY quickly, but it still would have been nice if it was thicker. I recommend putting down a base of white first so you can get a huge neon pop with one or two coats.

WarPaint Bad Apple
 WarPaint Bad Apple was a very GOOD apple! Again, the camera isn't good at getting the neon goodness of it, and application was very very easy, and it dried faster than A Mile Away. It was also thicker, and was opaque in 2 coats. This is three to even it all out. Interestingly, both of these dry to a matte / rubbery finish!

Both Bad Apple and A Mile Away are purported to glow under black light, so if I get a chance, I'll be taking those pictures too ;)

After a day of wear, I decided I wanted them all with a base green, then taped diagonally and added A Mile Away.

What a mess~
 You can see in the previous pictures that the yellow now looks lime green. This is also true in person. I used 3 coats to get it to this opacity over the green.

This was nice, but boring (and also I didn't wait long enough on my thumb so the tape roughed it up. This calls for glitter!
Golden Rose 151 (bad unintentionally muted picture)
 Holographic gold glitter? YES PLEASE!

Sorry for the blur, I was excited

But not fantastic ENOUGH.

Moar glittar!!
 In natural light =/
Blends the colours. Looks pretty awesome though.
If I manage to get any pictures of my nails glowing under blacklight, I'll post those!

In other news, I got my klout perk the other day! I can't wait to try it and post what I think.

Use this link to sign up for klout and get free stuff! Especially if you're a US resident. I was super jealous last month when Essie gave away a glitter polish free to US only =( Enjoy!

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