Thursday, August 2, 2012

Richmond Night Market (New Location)

On Saturday we went to the OTHER Richmond Night Market, but first, my lunch gets honourable mention:
Lunch on Saturday!
This is the delicious bento from Sashimi Sushi in Coquitlam Center. If you're ever looking for something to fill you up, this is the way to go. It's huge, only about $8 and so good.

After this was our poutine dinner at Fritz!

ANYWAY, before this even came up, I put on some make up and we went out to the Richmond Night Market at the new location! If you'll remember, we already went to the old location =)
It's even easier to get to than Google Maps says it is!
They had lots of crossing guards and traffic control and one of them was SO BLOODY CUTE. She thanked us for waiting as she let cars through and told us all to have a good night and omg I died a little. <3

We walked around the tents selling knick-knacks a bit but then headed right for the food.
Demon dog strikes again!
On our way, we came across this gorgeousness.

Wish trees!

"I wish for a lot of boys to have sex with..."

Mathmatical Rhombus?

It was so pretty!
You gave a donation or something, and you got a card to make a wish on. Most of them were about health and happiness; it was really cool to see.

Now the food (for real this time!)


My reaction: Omg what do I even do with this?

 The last bite was the best. Then we got thirsty..

So good!
 I'm not sure how they made this lemonade or got it so perfect, but it was really really good. The sugar wasn't overwhelming, but it balanced out the sour of the lemon. Just so perfect. =D If you're thirsty, get one of these!

Bacon wrapped mushrooms
Admittedly, these could have been better, but Branden liked his a lot more than I liked mine, so it might just be me.

This guy gets honourable mention! xD
Eat Like A Sir and Eat All The Food!

Japanese style yam fries with Honey Garlic mustard
SO DELICIOUS. This was about when we got bored and decided to get something a little more filling before we left.

Small order of chow mein (so fresh and good)

BBQ Chicken skewers
highly recommend this combination. The chicken skewers were amazing! I don't know what they did to them, if they used mutant chickens or what, but they were so good. And the chow mein was better than what you usually buy in Chinese places.

On our way out, we stopped to watch the fire dancers!

They were good!
 We emptied out the rest of our change to them =) It's what pushed us up to about $18 each.

They deserved it!
BONUS: My pretty face ;)
On this Richmond Night Market, Branden and I both spent around $18. It's $1.50 to get in, and totally worth it. It's a bit of a bigger venue with more things (though the shops are about the same), but the food is over the top. Both Night Markets had the potato skewer things (Hurricane Potatoes / Rotatoes) but I would recommend getting them at the old one if you want to try, since they're much larger there. Both Night Markets also had the deep fried banana and mango ice cream, though this one had deep fried Snickers, Mars Bar and Cheesecake (which we didn't buy - if anyone tries the cheesecake let me know if it's worth it!!).

Just to round out this post, I want to finish up with the rest of the weekend starting on Sunday morning when we took Zorro to his agility class. It was super fun and I recommend trying agility if you want something new to do with your dog! I got a lot of good feedback from the instructor and other handlers there saying that I was a much calmer handler than Branden's dad and I kept Zorro more focused the entire time. Squee!

Zorro in the back of the truck, after a hard workout =D
That night, we played some Dungeons and Dragons Steampunk Pirate style, where I couldn't hit anything, fixed the boat by kicking it and molested Philippe (role play only unfortunately). It was fun! Overall a good weekend of not studying for my final exam on Tuesday. Wait, what?

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