Saturday, July 28, 2012

Swatch: Julep Kate

Oh, my gawd, this has to be THE worst polish I own. Cecile 77 may have bubbled a lot, but nothing holds a candle to Julep Kate. I am SO annoyed right now.

Julep Kate is a white creme with a little pearly shimmer that looks SO pretty in the bottle. I wanted to pair this with Julep Melissa and have a simple but pretty and eye catching *cringe* manicure. However, Kate was having none of it. I had to try 4 times (That's applying and removing cycles, 4 of them) before I gave up and decided this was no longer my fault.

So there were bubbles. And unlike with Cecile 77, I couldn't see them on the brush, and I couldn't pop them with a dab of the q-tip soaked in remover. Fuck you Kate! On top of that it was SUUUPER THICK and I don't know if my brush is weird, or it's just that thick. Because I had to try so many times, and it's so bloody thick, I've used almost a third of the bottle in the last two hours. I ended up putting on 3 coats and giving up. This is worse than Ulta Bam-blue-zled; at least that one went on nice, even if it took some building!

So ugly.

I couldn't even be bothered to clean up properly, I was so annoyed
These are the best pictures I could get, on the fourth try. You can still see it's uneven from bald spots that I had to cover up and you can also see the enormous BUBBLES. On both hands too! The first couple times I did it and waited for it to dry, I also had this tiny pattern of tiny bubbles all over the nail. How could Julep fail so hard? I am not impressed.

I finally decided to cut my losses, and added Julep Melissa on anyway. I've used about the same amount of Melissa as Kate, except Melissa's done like 8 manicures and Kate couldn't get through one.

That dent is bothering me! Both of them! And the bubble. AUGH.

Trying to capture Melissa, failing.

Shadows covering bubbles and dents...
After I finished putting all that together up here, I glanced at my nails again. Guess what? Melissa bubbled. A lot. Everywhere. Fuck you too.

At least it's pretty from a distance....


I went home and took all off and used Ulta Snow White.

This is half taken off, and you can see all the holes from the bubbles.
Stupid Kate. It's thick so I'm going to retire it to stamping. Hopefully I can get some use out of the half bottle that's left. =/

Here's Melissa over Ulta Snow White.
The bubbles are purely Julep Melissa

I've come to terms with that one, it's just too pretty to care.
I decided I wanted a little bit more on it, so I added a Julep O Canada to my ring finger.


I think I'll like it better over non white.
All around fail but white nails make me feel so classy!

Me being classy at my bus stop.
I'm awful =P

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