Friday, July 27, 2012

Swatch: Essence Date with the Night

So I had no idea what I wanted to wear today. I looked through all my collection and just couldn't decide so I closed my eyes and picked one, resulting in Essence Date with the Night.

This is a frosty? metallic? silvery brown. I had to work a little bit to smooth out brush strokes but other than that no problems, as is standard for Essence polishes. It dried in about 3 minutes and I left it for another 2 to be sure and I used two coats.

Dries shiny and smooth!

Ignore that bubble on my index finger, a piece of dust got caught.

The lamps leave weird reflections (ring finger)

This should tell you how reflective it is
I think this is a great night look with some dark make up. It's pretty cloudy and gross out today so it kinda matches. I think I have a shirt this brown colour so at least it lends itself to an outfit! =D

And then I got bored of it and added glitter!

It was meh.
Fails happen. I took it off after that. What do you think?