Thursday, July 26, 2012

Swatch: RAINBOW HONEY!!! (20% Cooler)

SPARKLY! RAINBOW! Omg I'm dying. I love 20% Cooler! Lookit it! Rainbow glitter of different sizes =) (over Ulta Bam-blue-zled). It was nice and not a hungry glitter.

The glitter is suspended in a clear base with this hidden blue shimmer.

It's incredibly gorgeous, but impossible to photograph.

So you'll just have to take my word for it.

This is my porn.
Unfortunately Bam-blue-zled decided to not dry, even after 14 hours (it had the consistency of sticky tac) so I pulled it all off and tried again, this time with Cecile 77.

Oh baby

You can even see the shimmer a little bit on the thumb

Bad pictures all around!

Okay so 20% cooler is also quick dry, which I couldn't tell over Ulta because that one didn't dry at all (screw you Ulta). AND dried flat. I had a couple places where the glitter was pokey but nothing a little prod wouldn't fix. I used a couple layers of Ulta X-dry (which bubbles sometimes) but you can probably use a non-quick dry topcoat to smooth it all out in one go.

So Rainbow Honey retails for $10 for 15ml and $5 for 7ml at their website. The Equestria Collection (inspired by My Little Pony!!) has 8 gorgeous polishes in it and just so you know, shipping to Canada is a ridiculous $9.95 so maybe pool with people and make a bigger order =) If you do that, it's definitely worth it.

Have you guys heard of Rainbow Honey? What do you think?

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