Monday, June 11, 2012

GlamorousUK Giveaway!

Hi! I got a comment about a contest the other day from and went to check out GlamorousUK. Holy crap, cute dresses! And not gonna break the bank either! (Unless you have no money like me...). On top of that, SHIPPING. How is it that shipping from the UK is like $6 and shipping from the US is $20 - $40. Baffling.

Check it out!

Here's my picks:

Sophia Cream Bird Print

Onion Print Sheer Asymmetric
Mint Green Lace Detail
That last one looks light blue to me, but I'll take mint green too. I think the onion dress is my favourite, especially because my boyfriend loves onions xD

So guys, go check out the giveaway! It's done on Thursday! And if you're gonna be realistic and just order, do it before the end of tomorrow for free shipping! =D


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