Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nail wheels!!

So if you follow my Twitter, you'll know that I received my nail wheels from eBay yesterday!

Allllll my pretttiiiieesssssss~
So clearly I organized by colour, and I definitely do not have a collection like some people I follow (Here's lookin' at you Trace) but it made me really happy to swatch it all anyway =D

So apparently my lighting was bad because those first three look way more similar in the photograph than they really are.
 I love orange!
 Soooo many yelloooows. Tivoli looks really brownish, but it's pretty burnished gold. Del Sol changes colour to pink in the sun and I will have Julep Daisy to add to this wheel sometime soon! =D
 KleanColor Bikini Green and WarPaint Bad Apple look really similar, but the finish on the WarPaint is not shiny and it glows under blacklight. However, I could definitely live without KCBG if anybody wants to give it a good home. Maybe if you'd follow me I'd be motivated to do a giveaway. I'm certainly making enough pageviews a day.
 I love blue. I think it's my favourite colour now thanks to Branden's pretty eyes. Anyway, I can't believe how Blue Me Away makes Let's Get Lost look sad. Can't waaaait to wear it >_<

 I also love purple. With both green and purple, I didn't have to look at the name on the back of the wheel to know what the colour/brand was. Hah.

Chiiinnaaaa Glaaaaaaaze (Dress Me Up). And Harvest Moon. Can't wait!

Revlon has tiny blue microglitter you can't see, and usually Revlon requires a topcoat and really shines after getting it. It was also interesting to see that Joe Twilight and KC Chunky HB are different. I just thought Joe was a crap knockoff, but it's a flakey with more green, if not a strong reflective attribute.

So, does anything look interesting? Any close-up requests?


  1. Wow! You have quite a collection of yellows and oranges!! :)

    1. Thanks! I was actually surprised I had so much yellow! I don't know how it happened xD


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