Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday was very eventful.

So! Friday was one of the few days of sun here, and I was determined to wear a dress.
The original.
When I got it it smooshed my boobs down and chafed under the arms (who designed this thing?) so I cut the straps off the back and tied them together for a halter dress =)

I'm not as wide as I look.
Notice the ankle wrap? Explained later. It's also the reason I didn't get any make up today ==

Here's a better picture.
Aaaaannnddd nails!

I decided to do that vintage rose thing over Sally Hansen Blue Me Away!

Sally Hansen Blue Me Away + Essence Passion for Fashion + Ulta Snow White + Sally Hansen Ivy League all with dotting tools
It wasn't quite right to go with the dress sooo...

Sharpie bows in the morning!
 Muuuuuch easier than the striper brush, even with my off hand.

In the sun~

And then I mattified it.

This was the finishing touch

Ugh, I love it so much.

I'm wearing this dress for as many days as this stays on my nails.

In natural light

I just could not get enough.

With one of my Turkey bracelets, which also matched this dress perfectly!

Lacy trim~

I'm just dying of happiness.
The hairpiece.
So my friend has this eight year old sister, the youngest of like 9, and I gave him one of the bracelets from Turkey for her (we've never met). In return, she made me this dragonfly! OHEMGEE it is so cute. First thing I did was put my bobby pin through it and put it in my hair. >___< LOOKIT HOW AWESOME IT IS.

At this point all of you who don't care about my life can stop reading. =) I won't hold it against you.

I had one class Friday, and I missed it, instead spending it + 2.5 other hours getting six stitches on my heel because a door hit me on the way out. There was SO much blood. I totally missed my class, then when I finally got out of the doctor's, it started bleeding again and I had to go back to get it cleaned up again. SIGH.

That's real blood.
So my first stitches (except for wisdom teeth) were because of a fucking door. Also I have fabulous friends and the doctor thought we were hilarious. Now I'm limping and have to go back next week to get them out.

On the plus side, my stitches are blue. They match my dress. Which I can't wear anymore because my matching shoes have a back. I'm stuck in flipflops (which I don't own) all week and it's raining. Hurraaaaayyyy..... ==

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