Monday, June 18, 2012

ASBMF #11 Eggs and Chicks!

As you all may have noticed, it is no longer Easter, and therefore, an eggs and chicks manicure featuring dyed eggs and yellow baby chickens is still cute, but doesn't make sense so much anymore. In fact, according to BC weather, it may be October at this point, which would suggest turkeys....

I didn't do turkeys.

I decided to stay hopeful that spring would come along so it could turn into summer.

What's more spring-y than robins??
The answer is NOTHING.

I used Joe Mocha, Essence You Belong To Me, Wanna Be Your Sunshine and Wake Up, along with my bornpretty dotting tools, and my LA Colors striper.

I love freehand =) The one thing I would change about this design would be to grab some pink next time (I'm at school, my colours are at home =( ) and add a worm to daddy's mouth. I may add it later ^^

You'd never guess I wasn't looking forward to this item, would you? *pat on the back*

On that note, happy father's day =P

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