Monday, June 18, 2012

Thank you cupcakes!!

So as you may be aware, on Friday I kicked a rogue tiger in the face and/or single-handedly wrestled the snakehead out of Burnaby Lake and had to get six stitches (Read: I got hit by a door on the way out). I will spare you the ugly heel shot for now, but basically I had three people willing to hold my hand for 3.5 hours.

That calls for thank-you-for-not-leaving-me-alone-to-die cupcakes of course!

We found this recipe and I brought over a big fat delicious mango from home to get started. The recipe is kind of open-ended, but I recommend adding butter to thicken it, not icing sugar, as the sugar overpowers the delicious mango-pango goodness.

Mango puree~ NOMS
You add the mango and taste test - ours was really light and fluffy thanks to the butter, and the mango flavour just made you crave more. Mmmm.


Devil's Food cake mix!
Branden's mom also had coconut bits lying around, so we iced some cupcakes and dipped them in and VIOLA:


Artistic shot ;)

Leftover puree? ICE CREAMY GOODNESS.
They are freaking delicious, mang. My people (Moein, Ronak, Spencer, Maria) will love them, and hopefully know how much I appreciated how they took care of me =)

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