Sunday, June 10, 2012

ASBMF#10 Butterflies!

Hi! Today I learned my Julep Ashley was one of those from last month that came with a wonky brush! HURRAH! I e-mailed Julep and expect a response soon =) I just wish I'd known earlier so they'd have the chance to pack it with my last order.

Any-hoo, this item on the challenge list was butterflies, and I was trying to figure out exactly what I wanted to do with it (cremes with Julep Melissa layered over it and then the monarch wing design, metallics, what?) when my boyfriend suggested I do it like my butterfly wings!

He got them for me for Christmas from mybugs on Etsy
Have you realized how much I love etsy?

So I decided to give this a shot! It was a great idea after all!

So here we are after the initial coat of Ashley and the addition of the green (Sally Hansen Ivy League), the red (Essence Glamorous Life) and the blue dot (Essence Let's Get Lost) which you can barely see on the wings themselves between the red and green. I also added some Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine (which I got today) on the outer edge.

(caption: So far so good right?)

Now here's where the trouble began. I whipped out the LA Color Art Deco black and started dotting and striping all over the place, on the right hand first (because I'm left handed).

This is where it all went wrong...
Better Blackberry picture

On the plus side, it was a learning experience, and I think my left hand turned out better, even though I was drawing with my non-dominant hand.

I used less black lines.
Still a better picture with the Blackberry.
I'm really sorry for the blurry pictures... Now you know why I use my blackberry. My camera doesn't deal with nail pictures very well (or I don't, because I don't like cropping and doing work on the pictures before posting them lol).

Here's my thumbs!
Bleh, thumbs (a combo of two pictures, my hands are chirally symmetric dammit)
What do you think? Close enough? I... don't know how to feel about these. They are a nail art fail on one hand, but on the other hand, they do look like the wings (hahahahaha puns *shot*).

Okay so, I think they're really nice, but not on their own. They need me to be wearing the earrings or something, which makes them a little bit fail. However, Branden's mom for one, loved them, and they are colourful, which means I love them. Branden will probably like them too so I'm gonna mark it off and do the next challenge. I'll do monarch wing patterns some other time.

OH! If you were wondering, those are the wings of a sunset moth (Urania ripheus) and I fully intend to buy the necklace one day soon!

In the meantime, this firefox necklace from fusedelegance!
Dressing up with these is going to be fun! =D

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