Sunday, April 15, 2012

Nail tools

I get a lot of questions from non-nail people about how I get so many details so I'm just gonna post the tools I use.

This is definitely a good investment. I got it at Superstore for about $2:50.
 I used this for tracing out my Thumbunny's ears.

These were really cheap on the ELF cosmetics site
 These I used once so far which later became the base for my volcano nails.

This is a paintbrush I got from my boy-toy! I used it to do a lot!
Bunny ears, leaf details, anything. You need a paintbrush.

I haven't had a chance to use this!!! I have a friend in the States I plan on bothering to help me get some Red Angel Plates!
 Either way though I got this and the next item at BornPrettyStore. It's a little hard to navigate but it is pretty excellent with free shipping and all.

Dotting tools! Used where ever you see dots!
I've already linked everything I've used these tools in this blog, you can go back and look. Bunny eyes and thumbunny nose, ladybugs (every bit of them!) was with these. Pretty fabulous. They were like $4 something on BornPretty.

Nobody who actually reads this cares but at least it's here now. >_>

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