Tuesday, April 17, 2012

ASBMF #3 Glitter Sammy

I'm gonna admit right now that I had no idea what this meant. Also, the jellies I have are glittery.... soooo....

Anyway, I ended up using Essence Choose Me! with Julep Oscar over it, and then another layer of Essence Choose Me! over top. That's a sandwich, right?

Here's what it looked like.
Choose Me! overpowered Oscar...
Anyways, this was boring so I added a bunch more.

+ Del Sol Trick or Treat

It changes to black so that'll be interesting...
Assuming there will BE any sun to check it out

+ Warpaint Glow Turq
So there it is. It's not a glitter sammy anymore but the intention was there!

EDIT: Then I added another layer of Essence. This looks pretty amazing! Now the orange isn't overpowering everything and I can see the depth everyone was talking about. There's orange glitter and blue glitter and gold bits and it looks pretty fabulous. Hopefully it'll last the Turkey half of the trip, if not the Italy half.

I like it. Now it's a sandwich.

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