Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Crème de Caramel and Rainbow Honey Viridis

Here it is! The base for Sunday's Peachy Sangria nail art. Unlike the online swatch, this colour is quite a bit more peachy than it is caramel. For some reason I think caramel is more brown/tan coloured. Anyway, this is still a beautiful colour, reminiscent of Julep Hayden (but more yellowish) with a MUCH better formula.

This is three coats.

I was looking for a complimentary glitter and picked up RH Viridis, from the Midnight Garden collection I think. It goes really well with all the cool green circles and lime green stars. There's also some lilac hexes and I think it's a great mix that goes well together. This is one of my better combos.

Sorry about the cuticles! I am trying out RH's nail honey cuticle oils and put on Pomelo to finish up. I also used their Tea Biscuit topcoat and together it smelled like fresh apple cookies on my hands!

Do you guys like scented topcoats? Tell me your favourite cuticle oil too!

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