Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Tiffany's 600th post celebration nail art (Watercolour)

Hi Everyone!!! We are celebrating our 600th post this week!!! We are really excited and to celebrate we are doing a giveaway! If you want to check that out its HERE, you still have time to enter!

So today  I have some festive nail art to share with you!

I wanted to do something bright and colorful and kinda fun so I decided to try my hand at watercoloring. So for this technique you "water" down your polishes with acetone to give them that sheer, build-able effect. I used a combination of just painting with a paint brush, splotching colors and then quickly flicking my hand to create runs and flicking the paintbrush to create speckles.

The colors I used were: Nicole by OPI Lifesaver (mint), Nicole by OPI Find Your Passion (coral) , Rainbow Honey Tessie (lilac) and Rainbow Honey Cymbidium (orchid). I liked it just as is, so I took some pictures at this stage.

Afterwards I added star shaped decals form the Born Pretty Store and Sephora X Wham (white multi hex) and Sally Hansen Disco Ball (translucent glitter) to create a kind of milky way galaxy look.

Hope you guys are having a great week!! Don't forget to enter the contest time is running out!! Good luck!

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