Monday, April 20, 2015

Grey swirlies (S)

We picked our winners guys! Check your emails!

Sorry about the lack of posts lately! Semester is ending and everything has to come to a close. I'm also starting something new in May and leaving on Thursday to drive to Calgary to visit my Grandmother for a week too. It's going to be non stop for a little while again, ugh. I know I should have lots of need to unwind so hopefully the nail posts will pick up and I can be inspired again.

I have this really simple little thing I did with a dotting tool oh so long ago. Zoya Tove is the base colour with RH Lemon Sorbet over the two middle fingers. Then with Tove again I just kind of swirled lines onto my ring finger. Subtle!

It was a little too plain from that point so just to give it a dash of mystery I added Julep Melissa (one of my fav topcoats).

Some more coming up! Hope you guys are getting some good weather by now!

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