Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Rainbow Honey Jan Mystery Box (Tiffany's review)

Hi guys! So I got my very first Rainbow Honey mystery box this month and I was not disappointed at all!!! These are such a good deal!! I got 3 mini polishes that are the new giant 7.5 ml size, an adorable little flower shaped soap, lip balm and a lip scrub all for $10. Its a great deal!

So the lip balm, scrub and soap all have the scent "Lemon Sorbet". Its a sweet, sugary lemon scent that smells like lemon cake to me. I'm not a huge lemon fan personally so this isn't my favorite scent, but I really like each of the products. The lip scrub is fairly moisturizing and more fine grained than my lush one, which is nice because the lush one can be a little harsh. The lip balm is a really nice formula, its moisturizing, smooth, its doesn't leave any white residue (I hate that!!) and lasts pretty well!! I haven't tried the soap yet because its just too cute!!

The polishes are:

Rosey Bot -a pink/coral microshimmer polish. This one was opaque in 2 coats but was a little thick and difficult to get smooth. I ended up thinning it twice. It also dried kind of matte which made the uneveness show up more. Top coat helped a lot. I really liked the color for nail art, but by itself it wasn't the best on my skintone.

Lemon Sorbet -a packed microshimmer topper that has the same lemon sorbet scent! I could smell it through my top coat!! This one was a teeeeny bit too thick too, but it wasn't a big deal. It worked really well with 1-2 coats on top of a neutral polish.

Dirty Mintini - a mint green polish with a mix of tiny brown glitters and microshimmer. This one took 3 coats and was a little thick too, but I just love it!! Its really springy and fun

I think these polishes go together really really well! They have a very classic, vintage, spring vibe!

My right hand actually turned out as well as my left! That never happens!

Hope you guys are having an awesome Wednesday!! I'll be posting a Valentines Day nail art soon!!

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