Thursday, January 15, 2015

Swatch: OPI Comet In The Sky + Review of NYC Matte Me Crazy (S)

AHH! I totally meant to post this much sooner! I've been wearing this for about a week and it is SO NICE. I put OPI Comet in the Sky over Nyx Express and the colours went together really well.

As if that wasn't enough for you, I totally wanted to try it matte. I pulled out my NYC Matte Me Crazy that I received as a badge prize from Influenster.

Soooo that wasn't quite what I wanted but it is another effect topcoat. It's more of a waxy finish, like a couple of the Orlys I have which are called "vinyl" finish (Viridian Vinyl, Purple Pleather, Old School Orange)... So I fell back on good old WarPaint.

Phew, this is the effect I wanted! So gorgeous if I do say so myself. The colour combination is freaking amazing and the glitter from Comet in the Sky is beautiful. I am super happy.

By the way, if anyone wanted to know, Kat Von D Motorhead is a perfect match...

MWAH. Have a beautiful day!

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