Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Swatch: ILNP Supernova (T)

Hi Blaghers! Its been a while! I'm sorry, I've been on a polish hiatus to help heal my broken, sad nails. But I'm back!! I've been absolutely dying to wear these new ILNP ultrachrome flakies. They've been sitting on my makeup desk for a month just mocking me!

Ok so this isn't actually the first one I've put on, but I wasn't happy with either of the first two (not because of the polish just because of the combos I did) so I held off until I did this one!

Alright so I did 1 thick coat of supernova over two coats of OPI Viking in a Vinter Vonderland which is a dark eggplant purple creme. I'm actually mildly irritated with the crappy time I had with Viking in a Vinter Vonderland. I don't know if it just hated my base coat or what, but it was dragging and patchy and too thick. I think I'll thin it before I use it again. Its also boarder-line black the majority of the time which isn't exactly how I wanted it to look.

Supernova shifts from: green - turquiouse - pink - fushia - just a teeny bit of yellow
Mostly it stays half green half pink indoors.

Can you see the yellow on the edge of my middle and ring fingers?! So cool!

It looks like green and purple dragon scales here!!!

This is with the flash, you can really see the purple base here

 Hope you guys liked my photos! I'll be doing a few from this collection for the next while I believe I bought 5 of them and Sharra and I are expecting a package from Rainbow Honey soon so we'll have some new colors from them to swatch too!!

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