Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Swatch: ILNP Gaia (S)

I promised you some great swatches here and I deliver. Just skip my rambly and go look at the final result, seriously. Then go to ILNP.com and use some of your Christmas money (after you've been responsibly and paid your bills of course).

Okay so I started with my teal jelly from Golden Rose and did a bit of flakie jelly sandwich to give it a base.

The sandwich is shiny but nothing special.

Alright now we get into it. I did three coats of Gaia and took some photos in artificial light.

Not that great, right?

Here's where the photos get good. Do you see that blue edge?

How about now?

This polish was so hard to get good photos of, but I promise you it glows like that, completely. Just like my previous ILNPs, I kept getting distracted while washing my hands.

Did you guys get anything from her preorder, sale, or for Christmas? What are your favourites?

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