Monday, December 22, 2014

Rainbow Honey Winter Nail Art Entries (S&T)

Hi guys! Happy Monday! Rainbow Honey had a contest over the last weekend or so, asking for nail art so of course we obliged, especially given Sharra's enormous RH collection.

It was a good night :D

Blah blah blah nails!!

Tiffany's Contest Entry
So I decided to do some ice skating themed nail art for my entry! I really love ice skating. I took lessons from age 5 until I was 16. Some of my favourite memories revolve around ice arenas! Anyways I always reminisce about the good old days around the holidays. :)

Alright so lets break it down by nail:

Index and Middle Fingers:
I used OPI Alpine Snow (White creme) for the base. Then I kind of water coloured Rainbow Honey Bubblebeam on top to make it look like ice. I used Rainbow Honey Skyward Bot for the swirls and snowflakes. Then topped those two nails with Enchanted Polishes Djinn in a Bottle (Holographic linear top coat) and Rainbow Honey Tessellate. I LOVED the effect Tessellate added! It really looks like ice shards!

Ring Finger:
This one got Rainbow Honey Lumine Hall as the base and then skate was Alpine Snow (white), Essie Licorice (black), RH Annual Emotion (silver blade) and Bubblebeam for a shadow effect! Then the background was coated in Djinn in a Bottle and Tessellate.

Pinky and Thumb:
I used Rainbow Honey Charaxes as the base and did a gradient with Bubblebeam and Rainbow Honey The Worst Possible Thing. Then they got snowflakes with Alpine Snow, Djinn in a Bottle and Tessellate!

That's it!! Simple really! Hahaha Happy Holidays everyone!

Sharra's Contest Entry
Alright, my turn! I started with Rainbow Honey Sapphire (two coats), and layered on ILNP Gaia (from the new flakie collection!) halfway down the nail.

 And then I took OPI Alpine Snow... and MAGIC. I used a striping brush from bornprettystore for most of it and the polish brush for the rest. I took inspiration from an instagram post from piCture pOlish by Sassy Shelly (@sassyshelly129), check it out here:

This is my favourite. It turned out really well :D Unfortunately, it peeled too soon and I did a bit of fixing up to make it last a little longer. On the nails that came off, I put Rainbow Honey Sapphire Weapon back up, with ILNP Gaia and then Glitzology Snow Day over it. I also matted it, which I should have done MUCH sooner because it looks fantastic. Oh well, got my time's worth out of this one!

Did anybody else enter? Show us your manis!

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