Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Tiff's Guest Post Series: Sally Hansen Wine Not

Hey guys! Today I have a Sally Hansen polish for you. This is one of only maybe three Sally Hansens I own and the only "Complete Salon Manicure" I have. So I'm going to do a bit of a formula and wear-time review as well!

Ok so Wine Not is a dark merlot polish with a microshimmer that gives it a really pretty glowy shine. It looks burgundy in some light and more raspberry in other lights. Its really quite beautiful.

Application was.... maybe an 7/10.. definitely usable, but annoying. The formula was a little thick and so if you went over the same area it would drag and make it uneven. I ended up using 1 thin coat followed by one thick coat to get it smooth. I like that it wasn't streaky though, I don't like frosty polishes for their streakiness.

The wear time was disappointing for me. I really value the wear time I can get out of a polish. I know some people (Sharra for instance) don't care so much, but I do. I hate chips and tip wear. So I used this polish with Essie Millionails base coat (my personal go-to base coat) and Seche vite as the top coat. I got one day before I noticed a bit of tip wear. Chipped it on day 2. Then it kind of held out for 2 more days without it getting too much worse. In contrast I get about 4-5 days out of most OPIs without tip wear and up to 7 days without chips. Now I know everyone's nails are different and maybe some people would get better wear out of Sally Hansens, but I don't think I'd buy another one of these. Not when I can get over double the wear time for a few dollars more... Sorry Sally Hansen!

Ok onward to the swatches!!

So what do you guys think about Sally Hansens and their wear time? Which brand do you get the best wear out of??

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