Thursday, November 6, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Sephora Shark Attack

Hey guys! This is the next Sephora mini I have swatched for you!! This is yet another one with a summer name... This one actually looks the most summer-y to me though. I picture it with big yellow sunflowers drawn on. :) I'll have to do that when the monsoons clear for the year. Haha!  Here in Vancouver we get rain rain rain until June-ish.

Okay okay on to the polish, this is a bright sky blue creme polish. I want to call it cornflower but when you google that you get some pictures of a light purply blue, and some of the vibrant greeny blue I'm thinking of. What do you guys consider a cornflower blue?? Am I thinking of something else?

So pretty right!!? Maybe the least seasonally appropriate, but I really like it none the less!

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