Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Swatch: ILNP Nostalgia (H)

Hi guys! Happy Tuesday! This is the second polish I picked up in ILNP's Halloween sale, Nostalgia! I originally saw swatches of this one last winter and I wanted it soooo bad but the shipping to Canada was killer for one polish. So I yearned from a distance lol until now! I'm so excited! I have nothing anywhere close to this one.

Nostalgia (H) is a very shifty "ultrachrome" (that's shiftier than your run of the mill duochrome lol) with a linear holo. The colour spectrum shifts from forest green to grass green to gold to orangey-red to a plumy-maroon. Or at least that's what I see! I always like my duochromes over black (I really don't know if it makes a difference, but I feel like it makes the colours a touch brighter) so this is two coats over OPI Black Onyx plus top coat (because it was a little brush-strokey and I thought the top coat might hide it and it did to some degree)

 Hope you guys like my swatches and have an awesome day! See ya tomorrow!


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