Monday, November 17, 2014

Swatch: I Love Nail Polish Iconic

Hi guys its Tiffany! Hope you guys had a good weekend. Did any of you get in on ILNP's huge 30% off sale on Halloween?? Sharra and I did! We got 8 polishes between the two of us hahaha and we both wish we got more :P

Today I am showing you Iconic! I have the PERFECT description for this polish! Picture a flute of champaign with a strawberry in it and the strawberry has mixed into the colour just a touch. That is exactly the colour of this polish. Oh and its holo gorgeousness too! Personally I don't really like gold polishes because I never feel like the yellowish tint complements my skin well. So when I found swatches of this gorgeous pinkish, champaign gold with the bright holo, damn I just needed it. I seriously doubt I will ever pine for another gold. This is the gold polish of the Gods. Like I actually picture Aphrodite sitting onto of Mount Olympus wearing this polish (and eating Ferrero Roches hahaha).

Ok ok my vivid imagination aside, on to the swatches! This is 4 coats (It only needed 3 really) and no top coat




Out of focus but wow that holo eh!

Some shots came out pinker than others

Hope you guys like my swatches of Iconic! More ILNP swatches to come!!

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