Thursday, October 9, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: Third Post's the Charm!

Hi guys its Tiffany here with my guest series on the Blahg! Next up is Rainbow Honey’s “Elevate”! This polish is from their newest collection, Summer Mixtape. It is a matte glitter top coat with light teal hexagons, medium teal hexagons, coral circles, lilac circles, orange circles, smaller white circles, white triangles (yay triangles!!) and a blue micro-glitter. So basically this polish has A LOT going on! I probably even missed a few things!

When I did an image search of this polish I found quite a few pictures of it layered on top of a coral polish (which looked awesome), but I thought I'd show you it on top of something different! The color I chose is Sally Hansen’s Xtreme Wear, “Mint Sorbet”. This color is part of their standard line, so you can get it in most drug stores and its fairly cheap! Just as a mini-review if you are curious, its pretty much a one coater cream polish (two if you’re doing thin coats), it's the perfect consistency, self-leveling, and if I remember rightly, I get pretty good wear time out of it too.  

So, drum roll pleaseeeee! Here is Elevate!

So I may have gotten a bit glitter happy here. I really wanted to see all the different glitters on the nail, but I ended up with a TON of glitter. A bit too much glitter I think. This polish is just super fun. It’s very summery, kind of reminds me of a mermaid tail (am I only one who sees this?! Maybe??) The micro-glitter is definitely difficult to see on this base color, but it’s a real treat when you do see it. I had to resort to the dab and spread technique to get an even amount of glitter, but for a polish this pretty, I really didn’t mind. 

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