Thursday, October 2, 2014

Tiff's Guest Blog Series: First Post

So it may have come to your attention that I have been posting sporadically at best. Between moving and three part time jobs it's getting a little difficult to find time to do my nails but I promise I'll be back into it. My schedule seems to promise some weekly nail time which is awesome and what's even better is in the meantime I made a super cool new friend who gushes over polish with me (and will split shipping - so basically the best kind of friend ;D). She's agreed to take some pictures of the nails she does (and they are gorgeous pictures). Her nail care is much superior to mine so say hello to Tiff and make her feel welcome with all the glorious pageviews and hopefully some comments too!

Hi Blahggers! My name is Tiffany and I’m doing some guest posts on The Blahg! Yay! I hope you guys like me!! :D

I should maybe say a little about myself shouldn’t I? Ok, well I’m currently a researcher, which is where I met Sharra. I really wasn’t into nail polish AT ALL until I started working at a dog grooming salon where the girls wore polish all the time. Before that I had really only ever bought polishes from the dollar store, which ya, made me think that all nail polish was crap. Once I figured out that there were brands like OPI and China Glaze out there I very quickly fell in love with nail polish. About two years ago I discovered Nfu-Oh polishes and stalked Nail Polish Canada for probably 6 months straight until they restocked the famous Nfu-Oh 51 (I’ll swatch it for you guys sometime this fall promise!). When I finally got it on my mitts I completely fell in love with flakies and duochromes (they’re my favorites J). Currently I tend to buy a mix of in store brands, particularly OPI because I can get a good 6 days of wear out of most of their stuff, and online indy brands. I have about 80 polishes in my possession as of right now. Overall I’m not the biggest fan of glitters and doing nail art (because its so hard). I’m really more of a solid color gal, so hopefully I can complement Sharra’s style while contributing something a little different to The Blahg!

Sharra graciously gave me a few polishes from her collection, so I am going to start my time on The Blahg off with a series of posts featuring her pretty polishes!

The first polish I have to show you is “Sweet Talk” by Rainbow Honey! I almost bought this one around Valentines Day this past year, but because I maybe have commitment issues about picking polishes out online, I never pulled the trigger. Needless to say though, I am pretty excited to try it out. It is from the Sweet Talk Collection and still available on Nail Polish Canada but is sold out through the Rainbow Honey website.

I layered two coats of “Sweet Talk” on top of a white base because it’s very sheer on its own. The white I used was “French White” by Quo by Orly. I picked this one up I think at Shoppers Drug Store a few years back when my staple white OPI decided to become too gloopy to bother with (this was before I discovered polish thinner). In case you’re looking for a white polish, I’ll give you a mini review on this one. So it’s pretty bad, it’s streaky, there are little bits of crap in it and it is NOT a one coater (which is ideal when you’re layering on top of it). On the plus side it does dry very quickly, which is good. I’m sucking it up and using it but I won’t be buying another bottle. If you know of a great white polish, let me know your suggestions!!

Without further ado, here is “Sweet Talk” (with top coat):

As you can see in the pictures, “Sweet Talk” is a purple, red and mint glitter mix in a white base. It kind of looks like dinosaur eggs to me! There is a red toned micro-glitter in there also, but unfortunately it’s pretty hard to see. Overall I think it is a nice, light feminine glitter mix. Although the polish is actually designed for Valentines Day, I think its very wearable throughout the whole Spring and Summer. Application was easy; the glitter came on smoothly and evenly and built well with the second coat. No complaints here!

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