Sunday, September 7, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Crystal

Round two! A winning combination!

Starting with those two coats of Rainbow Honey Viola I dabbed and stroked without much effort some RH Crystal, which was the limited edition for last month. This bottle is just FULL of glitter. Like I said, without any effort I got all these on there which includes moons, stars, hearts, diamonds and some of those clear flakies I like so much plus a pink sheen of microglitter. I am just really impressed.

And look! I got a hang of my camera!

And just to show off the holographic goodness of all this sparkle...

What do you think? One thing I realized after I had put it on was that Viola with moons and stars is perfectly Welcome To Night Vale, a fantastic podcast if you like things fucking weird and dark humour.

Any WTNV fans out there? Expect some nail art featuring Viola and Crystal soon!

Check out Rainbow Honey on their website and Facebook!

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