Thursday, August 28, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Sea Star

Hi everyone! There's some big things happening in Sharra-land including valiant attempts to make our new apartment in the image we want it to be before moving in so there hasn't been too much time for nail polish... I have been sitting on a post which is waiting for certain photos. To tide us all over until that eventuality I have one of the adorable glitters from my last Rainbow Honey.

This is one coat of Sea Star, some dabbing, over China Glaze Fast Track which I thought looked like the sandy bottom of the sea.

I love this combination. It was very sparkly and the mix of blue, yellow and neon pink (STARS) was perfect. It was a good neutral base with some POP.

This is the last post with my blackberry camera by the way! I just got a new iPod Touch with a 5MP camera (the same as bb) and I'm going to find a watermarker and hopefully start posting directly.

I also recently got Instagram! There's not many nail posts yet but there will be! Follow me here <3 at alira23_

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