Thursday, June 26, 2014

Fast Food Poutine: New York Fries

A couple weeks ago, just after another interview, I treated myself and my driver (my stepsister, thank you Sophia!) to some yummy junk food. New York Fries, which is an entirely Canadian company is a fast food place you can find in just about every food court. I used to work there so I know too much and they have this three step process to cook their fries. It's not that great. I often feel like I have this grainy-sandy feeling in the back of my throat after I eat there but that might just be me because they are popular and everybody likes em.

It always looks good and there's nothing to complain about with that gravy and cheese though! I think their other versions of fry toppings (The Works esp!) are more a reason to go than their classic poutine.

Fast Food Poutines
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