Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Poffin Party

Ahhhh Pokemon themed polish! In fourth generation games, there was a mini-game where you could make little biscuits called poffins to make your Pokemon more cool, beautiful, friendly or whatever, and then go on to win contests. It was not the greatest thing but kind of fun and RH's Poffin Party definitely makes me feel nostalgic. Which is hilarious because admittedly I hated the fourth generation games LOL.

Anyway, I already had on RH Sparkling Agave and it was wearing a bit after a bit so I decided to add this adorable glitter topper. It required just one coat and a little dabbing.

It is SO CUTE. This polish is super awesome for me because I SUCK at those adorable little dotticures people do with the different colours and shapes, yanno? I love it :D

The colours are perfect for spring! Poffin Party was the April Limited Edition. Every month RH has an LE polish that is a free add-on for orders $50+. Do you guys like circle glitter?

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