Friday, February 7, 2014

Swatch: Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure Jaded

Polish number two courtesy of Influenster! At first glance on this one I thought, Yay mint green! and then I thought, I have so many of those... and then I put it on. Far from being mint green, this colour is actually well named in that it is Jade. It's a little less bright and pastel and a little more stony and cold, like actual jade.

All that being said, I did not enjoy applying this. The brush was still that fantastic width but the formula on this one was not as opaque. It took four coats to get this look. That is only a problem because I was expecting another one coat colour while this one was closer to four. It didn't seem to dry as fast as a result. In the future, I will use this for jelly sandwiches and nail art that requires layering and have more realistic expectations not clouded by the previous Red My Lips.

And now some photos, with and without flash.

It's a very pretty colour. Do you guys know any others like this? Seen any cool nail art with it?

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