Friday, December 13, 2013

My Influenster Maple VoxBox Master Post!

I'm sure by now you've all heard of Influenster, an invite-only hub of product reviews and reviewers. Somehow I managed to sneak my way into this and they finally creeped up into the Great White North and I was chosen to receive the first ever Maple VoxBox! It came with a ton of goodies!

Just to overview, above you'll see NYC Mascara and plumping lip gloss, imPRESS manicure set, two coupons for NYC goodies and an all natural Arctic Cloudberry and Red Grape clay face mask.

It also came with Icebreakers Duo mints (Raspberry mint) and two Skinny Cow goodies (pecan clusters and "Heavenly Crisp").

I'm gonna start with the Big Bold NYC plumping lip gloss in Big City Blush!

BIG FAT DOE FOOT APPLICATOR! It's huge. It was shiny, and I could feel it tingle though I'm not sure it did any actual plumping. I liked it a lot though.

 Ignore my terrible hair please >_>;

And then the mascara...

The brush was also huge, and slightly curved but not enough to bother me. I couldn't get a decent photo of my eyes but it was definitely thickening and lengthening. I was surprised I liked the brush as much as I did. It seemed to have a mix of fine and thick hairs to help it do whatever it did to make my eyelashes look amazing so this is definitely totally cool (and may actually replace my current mascara, L'Oreal voluminizing...)

Here are some not decent photos that don't really focus on my eyes... I look fabulous though. Also it snowed >_<


Kind of.

These were pretty good. They're mints, so they're not very calorie heavy and they certainly made my breath fresher. The packaging was labeled backwards (the side that said "one" opened up entirely and the side that said "many" is what you can see above) but I figured it out so it's okay, right?

Okay, I'm really excited to get to this Skinny Cow stuff. Shown below is the crisp thing and homg it tastes like KitKat and it's only 100 calories. I don't really know if I believe it.

Next up is "dreamy clusters" and these were amazing too! You always think you're gonna taste the "low cal" but these tasted just like the regular clusters you get by the box on holidays.

And now my forte! NAILS. As someone who has never worn fake nails, ever, this was an interesting experience for me. As advertised, it took me less than ten minutes to apply these. Keep some tweezers handy when you do though, and maybe apply the pinkie first and move towards the thumbs... (I didn't think that one too)

Looks pretty good right! For my first time with fakies, these were a good experience! Be sure to apply them carefully so they don't pinch. Also, my nails curve downwards toward the ends, so these didn't stick all the way along my nail and if I looked underneath it bothered me to see the big space between my natural nail and the fakes. BUT, you'd never tell by looking at them like a normal person  (lol) so I'd definitely recommend these to people who want nice nails without the work and who probably don't do any typing at work =3

Last but not least: Montagne Jeunesse Real Clay, Arctic Cloudberry and Red Grape facial mask!

First of all, it smells AMAZING. Arctic Cloudberry and Red Grape is a good smell. (What the flap is "Arctic Cloudberry" anyway?) And I have some terrifying photos for you...

A+ for packaging, which was easy to get open with wet hands. That's pretty important for this kind of thing. I completely looked like Frankenstein's monster for about 15 minutes though. It was very cooling while it was on and I didn't have any problems with sticking it to my face or making it stay there.

After I pulled off the mask, and after I rinsed (showered). My face certainly felt nice. The scent of "arctic cloudberry" and "red grape" was quite strong and lingered for a long time though which isn't such a good thing when you live around people with sensitive airways. Other than that, it was pretty nice, and something new. If someone were to buy these for me, I would definitely use them, but I doubt I would start doing this on a regular basis by myself.

Well! That was a long post and it took a lot of work! What did you think? Have you ever gotten an influenster VoxBox? Which of those (or these!) products would you recommend?

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