Saturday, October 19, 2013

Swatch: I Love Nail Polish Birefringence

WELL THAT WEEK GOT AWAY FROM ME. In case anyone was wondering, I took over one of the other TAs so I have twice as many hours per week and I don't think I was quite prepared for it. On top of that Pokemon X/Y came out and I'm still Mayor of Avaric in Animal Crossing New Leaf... My priorities are bad and I should feel bad... This should hold you for a while though.

Have you guys got enough of these by now? This is Birefringence, the best of the bunch I think and I did three coats to achieve this result. AND I got sunlight!

I didn't even have to try to get this to show up in the pictures. Now this is the only one I bought but I was lucky enough to win the rest from one of my awesomest friends, Harriet, who lives over at Nailhilism (the best name for a nail blog ever, imo) and you should go check it out because her hands are DIVINE.

As for ILNP, you can find her on Facebook and her website and she is a sweetheart too, so feel free to fall in love and give her money for her craft ;)

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