Thursday, October 31, 2013

NCC Halloween #4: BOO

D: I'm sorry for these too! I am pretty certain that I just was not patient enough and it's all my fault. I tried though... Sometimes it just doesn't come out =_=

Obvs, started with ILNP My Little Glacier. Over that, I put two coats of WarPaint Glow Turq, a glittery glow in the dark polish.

It totally did glow quite beautifully, but of course my camera just couldn't get into it.

I used white acrylic paint and tried to freehand some little ghosties over it. Unfortunately I don't think I waited long enough and the layers underneath seemed to be goopy. Also, it was really hard to paint properly and leave eyeholes (because I wanted them to be glowy). This whole thing just didn't work out but take a look.

Poor lumpy ghosties....

I think next time I would well, not leave this until the last minute, I might use actual nail polish and I will probably repaint the eyes over top despite that it would be more work to do so. The appearance would be much improved I'm sure.

Have you guys seen any cutie ghosts floating around? Wanna link me? =3

Oh, Happy Halloween!

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