Sunday, September 8, 2013

Swatch: A polish just for meee

I HAVE PICS. Expect posts for the next couple weeks because I have a backlog. Sorry I went on the impromptu hiatus there, I hope you didn't miss me too much =3

Last year I received a huuuge package from Kelly at that included a polish she had made and bottled just for me. I can't convey how special it makes me feel <3

 I took this slow because I wanted it to be perfect but I honestly don't know how many layers it took. It might be 4? It was quite a few, which was alright for me. I didn't have to dig for big glitter, but I did have to get a couple layers down for it first.

You may have noticed that it's in an Ulta bottle... I broke the first one D: But I kept it because SENTIMENTAL VALUE <3

Because it was jellied, I wanted to see it matted! It was MORE GORGEOUS! The matte didn't detract from the big holo pieces and I used Julep's suede matte topcoat.

To spice it up a bit, I framed them in another of my favourite colours, blue, using Essence Gleam In Blue to do so, and one of my BPS paintbrushes =3

Isn't Kelly just the coolest person??

What do you guys think of framed nails? Have you tried them?

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