Tuesday, September 10, 2013

NCC #1 Techniques: Dry Marbling

Ummm, this is for all y'all who think I might be perfect and just do COOL NAILS all the time. Sometimes, you pick the wrong colours, or they polish doesn't work together formula-wise, or you just haven't got the hang of it yet.

I've definitely done dry-marbling before, but this time.... ehh....

I started with Julep Caroline and let it dry.

For dry marbling, you then put down a coat of polish and do a wet drop of some other colours, then take a toothpick or an orange stick and swirl it around. I thought it'd be super cool to use Orly Rockin' Rockette, OPI DS Classic and Sally Hansen Lava... Unfortunately...

Some fingers turned out better than others but OPI DS Classic and SH Lava were too close to each other. I recommend doing high contrast colour combinations for a good result.

Ah well! Nothing some glitter won't fix ;D They kinda came out like frame nails hah. I used Fingerpaints Sparkle Topcoat.

Boooo. Oh well! Everyone else is flawless for this first one of course!

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