Saturday, September 21, 2013

Swatch: China Glaze It's A Trap-eze!

This polish. Everyone was so excited about it, and I got excited about it too, but every time I tried to use it it just wasn't that great. I figured it out though. The milky base means it'll lighten colours, so starting with a creme polish and only adding a couple coats will make the glitter layer nicely without looking messy.

I wasn't particularly attached to my Grimer nails, so I went over those =P It gives you a good idea of how opaque the milky base is, actually, because in two coats, the lines were gone. The main colour underneath is Skinfood VL005.

(The original plan was to put the glitter over, like garbage flowing through Grimer's body but it turned out to be too opaque for that. Now we know!)

Ta-daa! I like the finished product, it looks totally awesome, but yeah, I would never wear CG It's a Trap-eze on its own. It kind of sucks =P Did any of you pick this one up?

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