Wednesday, September 25, 2013

NCC#3 Techniques: Striping tape!

Ahhh I have a love/hate relationship with striping tape, which is mostly doused in frustration. But the stuff is just so cheap for so much of it, I can't not use it once in a while! So today, I swallow my disdain and I bring you an idea that actually turned out alright.

My original inspiration... I was thinking of dragons for some reason.

I started with Fingerpaints Avant Garde Green, obvs (what other colour would be perfect for dragons??) and then started placing and snipping. I did one thumb first, so I could see how it came out.

It totally worked though, so I moved on.

And I'm including this to prove I did BOTH HANDS :D

Oh! I never told you what I planned to put on top. Remember crackle topcoats? ;D I'm bringing it back! IT LOOKS AWESOME. I used Julep Glinda, from last year's Halloween box (or October box, who knows) and it looks pretty sweet... Enough of that, just look.

(I topped it with my increasingly gloopy Seche)

:DDDD So, not quite dragons, it definitely makes me think of SLYTHERIN :D  That's totes alright with me because Slytherin's are badass and I have before been sorted into that house, where I'm sure I would be absolutely happy because we/they are the aforementioned badass.

So there you have it! I promise my last technique will be one I have NEVER done before, so keep coming back!

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