Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Inspired by Akimbo nail art and happy birthday to mee =3

I love when bloggers do a spotlight on artisans with cool jewelry a la XOXO Alexis Leigh. This time it wasn't her though, it was Steph Lau at Fun Size Beauty (who shares my opinion that full size nail polish is impossible to finish and mini's are all we need). She did an awesome spotlight on Akimbo, an etsy shop run by California sisters Jenny and Kim. They collaborated to even sweeten the deal with a little giveaway for almost any one item from their shop... and I won :D:D:D This was an excellent thing for me because as soon as I looked at their gorgeous pieces, I wishlisted the meteorite ring and fully intended to spend my ever dwindling cashmoneys on it. When I found out I won I was ecstatic!

I eagerly awaited its arrival and it made it just in time for my birthday! Lucky meeee <3

 So, like I said, I got inspired! I used a sponging technique and a million colours (okay, like five: Revlon Strawberry Electric, Pure Ice Blue Midnight, China Glaze Running in Circles, Orly Rockin' Rockette, Nyx Techno) all over China Glaze Cast a Spell.

(Instead of bombarding you with a scroll of photos of my step-by-step I made a picmonkey collage.)
To further match the ring, and distinguish these from galaxy nails (though near-sheer metallics appear to be an AMAZING way to accomplish those), I freehanded two double lines using my dotting tool and KleanColor Gold Bright. I cleared up the terrible mistakes while it was still wet by running a mechanical pencil along the edges. It worked pretty well. One day I will have a real nail art brush. One day...

And another collage with their pretty business card <3
And then just some snaps from the sunshine...

Omg, do you love it as much as I do? I may have to use these specific colours again for actual galaxy nails :3

What do you think? Do you have any tips for getting precise lines? Wish me happy birthday? ^___^

PS: I really wish I could do a giveaway for you guys for my birthday but I'm so low on funds I'd never be able to ship the prizes in a timely manner. The second I get a job, there will be a celebratory giveaway so send me your tips and tricks if you've got any ;P

[Akimbo Handmade Jewelry is on both Etsy and Facebook - go say hi and tell them I sent you!]

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