Tuesday, June 25, 2013

NCC Neons #3

D: Omg a challenge post. Srsly, I don't know why they put up with me, I am the laziest. And lately, quite uninspired.

Luckily for me today, I have socks.

I started with a coat of Essence Black is Back (obvs). I then frenched using my new neon pink, Wet 'n' Wild Fergalicious (swatch soon). I used my dotting tool after that to poke little hearts and stars with Fergalicious, Sally Hansen Blue Me Away, and WarPaints A Mile Away and Bad Apple.

From here, I used Black is Back again to fill in the centre of the shapes. The stars look rather flowery but I did my best anyway.

 I needed a topcoat and since these were neon already, my Black Light topcoat appeared to be a good idea.

 Can you tell? It legit turned the black purple! Last time I thought it was just because the grey was a light colour but nope! So keep that in mind if you guys get one of these. It purples.

Anyway, you thought I was kidding about the socks, right?

You should know better =3

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