Friday, May 31, 2013

The PokeNail Challenge #7: Electric

Oh my gawsh, I'm actually going to post on this!

My favourite electric Pokemon is Pikachu. In fourth grade I bought this Pikachu stuffed toy. I carried it everywhere. It would sit in my desk at school and I would smile at it, I'd carry it around during breaks. It was an amazing friend.

The point is that I lurve my squeaky-chu!

That being said, we all need to grow up some day, in some ways. To represent that, I choose Raichu.

I started on yesterday's base of Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot. I tried to stick to polish for this. I used China Glaze Harvest Moon, Joe Fresh Mocha, Essence Wanna Be Your Sunshine, and Essence Black is Back and Ulta Snow White. I used sharpie for the tail and the glitter is a combination of Golden Rose 151 and China Glaze Electrify. Behold!

Well and there you have it. There might even be more like this soon, I certainly have the time to catch up =3


  1. Pikachu was my favorite too! Your Raichu manicure is so cute :)

    1. According to the inlinkz he was defs popular xD Thank you <333

  2. Haha, this sure brings back memories. I wasn't allowed to watch the show though. >.<" Cute Raichu~ I like that you chose him instead of Pikachu ;)

    1. All the nostalgia! The show got old fast, the games are where it's at =3 Thank you <3


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