Thursday, May 30, 2013

Swatch: Rainbow Honey Bitty Love Bot

Hi! My last mani lasted another week. I apologize for my absence <3 I'm feeling a little leery about doing my nails since I hate removing polish and usually wait for it to chip off. I know for an interview I should remove and snip them down... and then I remember I probably won't get called back anyway. PITY PARY :D

So on a happier note, I defs splurged on the Robot collection from Rainbow Honey. I wasn't really sure about it because why would I buy metallics? They're so... normal. Like, I could find them in a cheapie brand right?

Probably, but I just put on Bitty Love Bot, the feature of this operation and it applied like BUTTER. And it was opaque in one coat (but of course I did two). It even looks amazing in the bottle (and I do like these bottles! even though they're smaller than before and I don't get a cute little box for it and cost kind of a lot for less..). Bitty is a cool silvered green, not streaky but did bubble a little. The next one I try, I won't shake the bottle mebbe. Dried in like an instant though.

The first two photos are colour accurate and the ones after... not so much.

But shiny!

Are you a fan of metallics and foils? (On that note, can somebody tell me the difference? =3)