Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Swatch: Glitzology My Viking Boyfriend

:D I love Glitzology. My adventure in glitter this time started with a stamping fail. I started with Orly Viridian Vinyl and then tried to stamp Pure Ice Blue Midnight.

BAH. I TRIED HARD KATEE FROM A GIRL AND HER POLISH!! With two different polishes. I think the Vaseline made the Pure Ice fail. Anyway, I gave up, and with most of my fails, I covered it in glitter.

GLITTER. Better yet even, and I didn't even realize from looking at the bottle, there's holographic HEARTS in this mix! I love My Viking Boyfriend and apparently he loves me back ;)

Now I bet some of you think this looks familiar. It totally does, on the surface. Remember Koi Pond? From a distance, these are definitely similar, minus the orange. Go figure! Apparently I have certain colour combinations I fall back on haha.

Anyway, the next post is about Cuba again and might even be slightly educational! See you soon :D

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  1. Haha at least you were able to salvage your manicure after the stamping didn't work out for you.

    1. There are many a day I spend on my nails that I am thankful for glitter xP

  2. Where did you put Vaseline lol? If it was on your nails that could totally explain why your stamp didn't transfer?

    1. Definitely! I TRIED not to get it on my nails but I think it did anyway... I'm going to try Pure Ice for stamping again because it picked up really, really well. I couldn't wait for the Vaseline either because I was taking photos for the last post and my fingers are BAD right now. I'm glad for glitter =P


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